04 March, 2010

Dollar Rate in India - Today Dollar Rate in Indian currency (price)

Today Dollar rate in India currency market

Many peoples try to know about current dollar rate in India currency (Today) for money transfer and other helps. Here is a tip to get Dollar rate in India currency (Today) through Google and Yahoo search engine.

On web, top search engine like Google and Yahoo provides help to check Dollar rate in India currency. Right below, pointed notes will supports to check current update and its changes with United State and India economies money circulation.

Google: Dollar rate in India currency (Today)

  • Open Google.com in your web browser
  • Screen displayed like this
  • Now type a word, “1 USD in INR” in search engine box
  • That’s solve

Yahoo: Dollar rate in Indian price

Yahoo do not provide a Dollar rate in India like Google but yahoo finance India Currency Converter official website page- In.finance.yahoo.com/currency (Link) offers to check USD rate in INR price.

Now, if you have any problems toward check Dollar rate in India, leave you comments with email address. So, I can make an effort to solve difficulty.


  1. It has been extremely helpful,The information provided by you is very good,
    is very excellent.i will back to read another article,Keep going Thank you.

  2. How can i check the dollar rate provided by Banks in India


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