21 February, 2010

Lala Brown Funeral Pictures | Lala Brown Funeral Photos

Lala Brown Funeral Pictures, Lala Brown Funeral Photos: On Tuesday, memorial event was held at Mason Temple Church of God in Christ Child, Milwaukee, also watch Lala Brown Funeral video which was provides by fox6now.com. Its bad news that we loss one singer from world, don’t miss album S.E.X.

Lala Brown was passed away and body got from recording studio, 22-year-old boyfriend JeTannue Clayborn and producer also killed. Police getting help form publics and said that, $ 10,000 of equipment stolen from studio. She has two Sister Alicia Brown and Simone Brown.

In memorial picture, four men pick up the Lala Brown corpse at Milwaukee watch out the Lala Brown Funeral number of video.


  1. thats sad....she was soooo pretty!

  2. Why is the world so mean.that someone would take innocent lives from people...it is so wrong.r.i.p lala and kool laid may u rest in peace and may ur families get the justice they deserve.....


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