24 February, 2010

Joannie Rochette Vancouver 2010 - Joannie Rochette Mother Passed Away

Joannie Rochette - Joannie Rochette mother: Canada Figure Skating player mother passed away and she was sharing his mother missing pain at Vancouver 2010. Here is Joannie Rochette Vancouver 2010 news, right below.

Joannie Rochette Vancouver 2010 
Image credit: vancouver2010.com

Figure Skating 24-year-old Joannie Rochette doesn’t meet last time to mother Therese Rochette. Therese Rochette passed away on February 21, 2010 and seriously news was that Joannie Rochette mother can not observe daughters last time at Vancouver 2010.

According to source, Joannie Rochette mother passed away due to heart attack at the age 55. Joannie wins five time bronze medal in his career and ranked 5th number in world. Look at the image she will try to missing his mother.

Hope, she will get concentration well in mind at Vancouver 2010 and also check Joannie Rochette twitter page.

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  1. What an amazing performance by Joannie Rochette in spite of tragic circumstances. Even if she doesn’t win a medal for her performance, Rochette deserves a gold medal for persevering through an extremely difficult time. Her story makes me want to watch her in figure skating just to see how she does.


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